Zoltan Nagy

More than just losing pounds and inches, I endeavor to help you gain harmony with your body and mind while also working towards your personal fitness goals.

My motto is

“You are what you eat, think, and train”,

and I want to help you look, feel, and be your best!

I’m Zoltan Nagy, Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Going beyond working out, my approach to personal training is just that — personal. I incorporate my background in holistic health with various dietary theories to tailor a wellness program that’s right for you. While there are many advantages to having a personal trainer such as injury reduction and motivation, my specialized training brings added benefit to our work together.

I’m very passionate about health and fitness, I believe in offering high quality personal training sessions which are challanging, dynamic and with different approaches so your body won’t be able to get use to. My background in the competitive athletic world gives me a lot of confidence in my personal training practice so you can feel confident that working with me will be your best choice…