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Drink More Water And Consume H...

Drink More Water And Consume High Water Content Foods

The body is 75% water so it makes sense that this essential fluid must be continually replenished. We can go for a month without food but we can leave only two or three days without water. Water is crucial to our survival.

Many people are confused by how much water they should be drinking. What is the correct quantity of water for your body? 8 ounces? More? Less? The answer must come from your own experience. Much will depend on your size ,a  smaller person will need less than a larger one ,it also depends on your activity level, the climate in  which you live and  your diet.

Drinking more water increases yin, making the body light and airy and expending energy through the whole system. If you are too yang- too tight or contracted, suffering from stress ,headaches and bodily  tension -you may want to increase your water intake to balance these symptoms. In addition,  craving for sweet(yin) foods may actually be signals of dehydration .Drinking water may reduce or eliminate the cravings.

But large majority of people is dehydrated which contributes significantly to the poor state of health. Regularly flushing out the kidneys and  bladder with water ensures that dead cells and other waste products can be expelled before they reach toxic levels. Maintaining hydration can prevent premature aging, eliminate pain and headaches, lessen hypertension and promote weight loss.

When the topic of water ,I’m asked what kind of water I  drink. Since I grew up in a mountainous region of Transylvania,  I was lucky to drink the best water available coming out of the ground.It will be hard to get that quality and springs are not always accessible  .I always  drink a spring water,preferably  from a BPA free bottle.I personally avoid water coming from big corporations  (Dasani,Aquafina)because the taste and the  additives in them,and I  choose to not support them.The plastic bottles are also a huge strain on the environment. The amount of fuel,not to mention the plastic,used in these bottles is tremendous.Most tap water does contain chlorine, fluoride and sometimes lead.So, if you’re going to drink tap water,I recommend to get a quality filter system.  Good water requires careful selection and sensitivity to how your body responds.

Timing is also important in water intake.After waking up in the morning,it’s good to drink one or two glasses of water immediately to hydrate the body.Try to avoid to drink right before you go to bed,good sleep is crucial for health,and you don’t to disrupt it by waking up to go to the bathroom.

I mentioned to you high water content foods because only drinking water won’t give you the success you want. When I say high water content food,I am talking about two foods grown on this planet that naturally have a very high water content.Only fruits and vegetables meet that requirement. Anything else you eat is concentrated food.Concentrated means that the water content has been removed, either by processing or cooking. I’m not saying that you should eat fruits and vegetables to lose the weight you want to lose.What I’m saying is that since our bodies are 75% water,we should be eating a diet that is approximately 75% water content, fruits and vegetables should predominate in our diets.The other 25% will consist in :whole grains,meat,legumes, nuts and so on.

There are two extremely important reasons why we need this high water content food intake:nourishment and cleansing of the organism.Water transports the nutrients in food to all the body’s cells and in turn removes toxic wastes. By continuing to eat high water content food,you will not allow toxic waste to build up ,and you’ll be able to stay lean and energized. No practice will expedite the elimination cycle more than the regular consumption of an adequate amount of high water content food.

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