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Eat More Fruit The Right Way

Eat More Fruit The Right Way

eat-more-fruitPeople don’t know how to eat fruits the right way,they don’t know when or how to eat it.

Dr. Alan Walker an eminent anthropologist at John Hopkins University indicated that our ancestors were not predominantly meat eaters or even eaters of seeds,leaves or grasses,instead they had a diet dominated by fruit.He developed a fascinating way to determining  dietary trends by studying the markings on teeth.In his studies of fossilized teeth Dr. Walker noted that,to date “No expectations have been found.Every tooth examined from the hominids of the twelve-million-year period leading up to Homo erectus appeared to be that of a fruit eater”.

It was stated that is imperative for the system to be constantly cleansed of the toxic waste that builds in the body.The most effective way for this cleansing to happen is with consumption of high-water-content food.Fruit has the highest water content of any food.All fruit is 80-90% cleansing,life giving water.In addition, all vitamins, minerals,carbohydrates, amino acids, and fatty acids that the human body requires are to be found in fruit.

There are two important consideration crucial to mastering the correct consumption of fruit.

1.What type of fruit or juice to consume?There is only one type:FRESH!!!There is no benefit in eating fruit that has been processed or altered in any way by heat.The body is capable of utilizing fruit only in its natural state.

2.The amount of time should elapse between eating foods other than fruit and then eating fruit again.As long as your stomach is empty ,you can eat all the fruit you wish over as long a period as you wish,so long as 20-30 minutes elapse before eating anything else.Once you have eaten anything other than fruit,you must wait at least 3 hours. If any flesh  food is eaten, at least 4 hours.

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