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Food Combining

Food Combining

How does proper food combining fit in the loss of weight having an incredible feeling of vitality, ready to  conquer the world?Of course you do and this boils down to one crucial element:ENERGY. There’s probably not a person  reading these lines now would not like to have more energy.Everyone wants to have more energy. Here is something very important you need to know about the human body!Guess what function of the human body demands more energy than any other function?DIGESTING FOOD!I’m sure that you felt sleepy after a meal.Who hasn’t?That’s because all the energy in the body is concentrated to digest the food in the system. The digestion of food takes more energy than running, swimming, in fact,there’s nothing you can pick that takes more energy than the digestion of food. This energy is crucial  for the elimination of toxic waste from the body. If the digestion of food takes more energy than any other function of the body, we need to make sure that this process is as energy efficient as possible, this is why food combining is so important for you to understand and apply to live a long ,healthy, fit life.Energy is the key,and nothing streamlines the processes of digestion, which optimizes energy, more than proper food combining.

Food combining teaches this:THE HUMAN BODY IS NOT DESIGNED TO DIGEST MORE THAN ONE CONCENTRATED FOOD(any food that is not fruit and vegetable is concentrated)  IN THE STOMACH AT THE SAME TIME.Proper food combining states that because the human stomach  is not capable of digesting more than one of these concentrated foods at a time,you should not eat more than one concentrated food at a TIME . IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE!!!

I’m sure you ate meat and potatoes, fish and rice ,eggs and toast,cereal and milk and so on.What if I was to  tell you that eating these particular combinations is not in your best interest, and also insures that you won’t be lean and healthy.In fact regularly eating these combinations that you will never have the energy that you need .The  cornerstone of weight loss is detoxification, and detoxification is entirely dependent upon energy.

There is a simple way to avoid this entire problem. If you want to have a steak,or a piece chicken or fish,so be it.Just make sure that your flesh food is the only one CONCENTRATED food for that meal.

No potatoes,rice ,noodles,cheese,or bread,but high water content food. Along with the steak have some broccoli, asparagus, zucchini or a salad with no cheese or croutons.If you need more food then have a vegetable and a salad too.

Now you might ask me if is it okay to mix a protein with another protein or a starch with a starch?The most ideal situation is ONE CONCENTRATED food per meal,so that would preclude  mixing protein with protein or starch with starch.However,one of these combinations is acceptable:a starch with a starch.The reason that two proteins should not be mix is that they are of such different character and complex composition  that the modifications necessary to meet the digestive requirements of more than one protein food are impossible. There both proteins putrefy in the system. This does not mean that two different kinds of flesh may not be eaten together or two kinds of nuts may not be eaten together;but it certainly means that no two different proteins-flesh,eggs,dairy products or nuts-should be eaten simultaneously.

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