A Whole New Approach to Proper Effective Dieting

It’s easy

It’s healthy

It’s effective

It’s permanent

And it is custom designed specifically for YOU!

The “Fit For Life® Weight Management System”


With this exciting and effective system, you will start losing weight from day one. You’ll burn fat so fast and so naturally you probably won’t even be aware of it at first. You will feel the changes taking place in your body as it starts to dissolve fat cells, and you will also begin to feel really energized.

As health care professionals that have worked with countless desperate clients wanting to lose or manage their weight, we know this struggle all too well. That’s why Fit For Life® has now developed what is….

This decade’s most important natural weight management program in a simple and easy to follow format. We utilize a specific biochemical individualized protocol so that you can achieve and maintain the permanent and long-lasting results you’ve always wanted.

This program has been designed and prepared with only you and your individual concerns in mind.

With the Complete Fit For Life® Natural Weight Management System you get our state-of-the-art biochemical analyzation and individualized weight management format and program. Included is your detailed day by day meal and lifestyle planner. You also receive a complete weekly self-reporting schedule that will help both you and us to engineer the best and fastest natural results possible for you.

This natural program has been used by literally tens of thousands of overweight or unhealthy persons, clients, patients, students and followers of Fit For Life® over the last 15 years. You too can start today! It’s simple.

  • One-time payment.
  • No ‘monthly’ dues.
  • Nothing more to pay.
  • Nothing more to buy.
  • No Prescriptions needed.
  • No special equipment required.
  • Regular System Cost: $349.95 to $699.95

(Depending on your target weight and the amount of weight that you need to lose)

but our “Special Introductory Prices”

starting from only: $495.00 USD

Limited Time Offer!



  • No ‘magic’ pills.
  • No ‘shakes’.
  • No formulas.
  • No diet-patches.
  • No ‘special meals.’
  • No drugs.
  • No Harmful substances.
  • No meal replacements.
  • No Side-Effects
  • Great for Diabetics.
  • Exercise Optional.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

“Miracle Pills” and “Overnight Weight Loss” systems are myths…and are often dangerous.

The only sure way to lose excess weight and keep it off… is “nature’s” way.

How Does it work?


Your body has built-in ‘fat-burners’. But, through poor nutrition, metabolism, food sensitivities, poor absorption and making the wrong food choices your fat-burners become dysfunctional, dormant, or plain lazy. That’s why you’re overweight.

The only way you can lose weight and keep it off is to get your fat-burners functioning properly.

A Different Approach


Other weight loss systems are simply based on eating less calories than you burn. You cut down your intake of food so low that you’re forced to burn more than you ingest.

We call it starvation. And it’s tough, as you well know.

Our approach is different. We say:

  • Eat right for your metabolism.
  • Avoid foods that are not compatible to your body.
  • Avoid certain foods to which you may be pre-disposed to have sensitivities to.
  • Burn more than you eat — instead of… eating less than you burn.

(This is not a play-on-words. It’s a very important difference.)

For example, if you cut your food down to just 1500 calories a day, but you burn only 1,300, you will still gain weight. (Even though you may be constantly hungry.)

On the other hand, if you ate 3,000 calories but burned 3,500 you would lose weight.

This is easily achieved by eating certain foods in specific combinations. By eliminating the toxins and the imbalances you won’t need drugs, herbs or chemicals. Exercise is optional (but certainly desirable and recommended, not only for calorie consumption but also for the myriad of other logical health benefits that can be achieved as well).

How to Get Your Fat-Burners Roaring Like a Furnace


From day one your body will begin to undergo changes as it starts to expel all the built up debris from your fat cells. It will be several days – perhaps even a week or two – before your fat-burners start to operate at near peak levels to melt away accumulated fat cells 24/7. (It all depends on how bad a shape they’re in right now.)

Your body operates on some basic life cycles that will cause it to take time to adapt to any changes. This is good because it gives your system time to adjust to your new, enhanced metabolic rate.

But make no mistake: within a couple of weeks everyone (and your bathroom scales) will notice the difference.

  • You won’t need to exercise, although some light exercise never hurts.
  • You won’t have to cut way down on your food.
  • You won’t have to spend a fortune on “prepared meals.”

Why Some Foods “Explode” in Your Stomach


Every morsel of food that you eat releases a “charge” (energy) as it combusts in your stomach. This charge stimulates your metabolism and turns on your fat-burners. Some foods produce small charges and others much larger charges. Logically, small charges mean small stimulation for your fat-burners and of course vice versa. Of course the best way to turn on these burners and keep them working is to properly combine your foods at each meal so as to better allow your body to digest and synthesize the nutrients.

Listen to just a few comments about our system:

It is based on biological facts and therefore it works! That’s the bottom line…you will get the results you want with this system.
Art B, CA
I live in Tucson, I have just started the Fit For Life® Program…I have about 100 lbs. to lose and I’m already seeing excellent progress in body fat loss
M. Davis, AZ
I met someone who has been on your weight loss system (with great results), I want to know more
Carolyn, Australia
I have recently started eating the “Fit For Life® Way”…this is my first week. WOW! What a difference!
N. Logan
I’m starting the Fit For Life® Program…several friends have highly recommended it to me
J. Sheridan, JR
I am on the Fit For Life® Program… the first week I lost 10 pounds
Marisa W.
Hi, my name is Mary.  I have tried many, many times to lose weight…I heard that the Fit For Life® System is great…I really need to lose weight (60lbs.). Please enroll me today! Thank you.
M. Constable

I was disgusted with my looks, mentally and physically depressed. I just about gave up hope forever of losing my excess pounds, until I was introduced to the Fit For Life® System which has changed my life in every way!

My dearest friend and her husband have lost a lot of weight on the ‘Fit For Life® Program’. So, I decided to try it.

In the first month I dropped from size 24 to size18. In 10 months I lost 78lbs and 10 dress sizes and now a total of 85lbs and have kept it off for more than a year.

I feel like a “new person” and everyone around me cannot believe the difference! I have a lot more energy and I just feel all around good. This is the easiest program I’ve ever been on. You just follow the instructions and the pounds and inches just fall off, no more ups and downs. The “Fit For Life® System” has changed all that. Thanks a million!

Linda G.

Simple, Yet Overlooked Facts


Many years of research and case studies have been looking for the “ideal” weight loss method. The medical and scientific world has consistently overlooked the fact that each individual is different and deals with weight gain, weight management and weight loss differently.

Just as different chemicals can be combined in certain combinations to produce effects such as heat, colors, explosions, etc., everyday foods can be combined to reduce sensitivities and toxicities and super-charge your fat-burners.

The key lies in the specific combinations and patterns of the foods you eat as well as the foods you must avoid.

It’s a lot faster – and safer, too – than any pill or herbal formula we know of. Besides, it’s natural and you won’t suffer any side effects.

By following our system, you can effortlessly and gently melt away your excess fat – 24 hours a day.

Put simply, by eating mostly what you’re eating now – but by applying to our system you will reach your ideal weight in the shortest and safest period of time. (Any responsible physician will advise you against losing weight too quickly.)

For years this system has had a super success rate. It makes no difference whether you want to lose 20 lbs. or 220 lbs.

Start today and just see what a difference the “Fit For Life® System” will make in your life and health.

Call now and order your Fit For Life® Weight Management System TODAY!

Take your first steps towards better health, a better figure, less stress, and above all higher self-esteem right now.

Put those yo-yo diets, crazy schemes, starvation syndromes, diet drugs, weight-loss pills, and unhealthy systems behind you forever.

Order your Fit For Life® Weight Management System today and we will have your “Client Application and Enrollment Form” sent out within 24 hours.

Don’t Delay, Act Today!

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Habit Transformation

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Fit For Life

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Fit for life with custom workouts

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